Welcome to Deensie Health

Welcome to Deensie Health!

Our goal is to end the stigma around adult incontinence and bladder leakage while providing easily accessible incontinence products. Living with incontinence is not easy but it does not have to overtake ones life. Deensie Health is here to make things a little easier. 

We provide recurring delivery of any products you need, so you only have to place an order one time, and you're all set. We'll make sure you items are delivered to you every 20 days. If you'd like your products to be delivered more often or less often, we can do that to. You are in complete control of your orders and deliveries:

1) Remove or replace any item(s) from your recurring orders. So if there's an item you do not want us to deliver this month, we'll remove the item and make sure not to charge your credit card.

2) Change a delivery date, or cancel a delivery. So if you're just not ready for your items, or would like to skip this months delivery, that's OK! We'll make sure whatever you need is taken care of and you're not paying any more then you should be.

3) Cancel your recurring deliveries/subscription. So if you no longer need our products, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you cancel, you will not receive any more deliveries and will not be charged for our products.

All this is simple and easy to do when you login or create an account on the My Account page. If you need help with any of the above, do not hesitate to contact us by call 1-201-473-2009, or email us at