Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deensie Health?

We are a NY-based quality incontinence product provider, where we guarantee delivery of your order within 48 hours. If you order is delivered later then 48 hours you will receive a full refund for your items.


Will I really be fully refunded if my items are not delivered within 48 hours?


*The money-back guarantee does not apply to the following days/times:

Friday Evening



Public Holidays


Where does Deensie Health deliver?

We offer local deliver to our customers within a 40 mile radius of our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.


Is there a shipping fee for the items I ordered?

Here is the list of shipping fees:

$0-$49 - $13 Delivery Fee

$50 - $99 - $7 Delivery Fee

$100+ - Free Delivery


My mom suffers from incontinence, can I order for her and have the products delivered to her room in a assisted living facility?


Whether our products are needed for your own personal care, or for the care of a loved one in a senior living facility, nursing home, or receiving care at home, we'll provide prompt delivery to the location of your choosing.



 A loved one needs new incontinence products every month or so, can I place an order for your products to be delivered every month? 


With Deensie Health, you can choose to place an order to be delivered on a recurring bases when you choose to Subscribe & Save in your shopping cart. You'll receive 10% off all your orders!



What happens when I run out of products?

It won't happen!

At Deensie Health, we offer a 'Never Run Out' guarantee when you choose to Subscribe & Save. We'll keep track of the products and quantity you or your loved one need, and will be sure to deliver the right amount of items BEFORE it runs out!